Block Hedge Asia 3rd Edition

Bangkok, Thailand

August 31st, 2018

Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition

Manama, Bahrain

September 27th, 2018

Block Hedge 5th Business Edition

Zug, Switzerland

October 12th, 2018

Block Hedge Australia 6th Edition

Melbourne, Australia

November 9st, 2018

Block Hedge North America 7th Edition

Toronto, Canada

November 19th, 2018


We know Why. How, How Effective and When?

Blockchain has emerged to be one of the top disruptive technological development of the decade and that’s not what we are debating. The conference will focus on the practical approach, the private sector, governments and other relevant stakeholders can adopt to position themselves in the future blockchained world.


The future of trading and investment in the Digital World

Not a single day has passed in last two years without any development in the cryptocurrency world. With a lot of action around the cryptocurrencies, debates and discussions on its character and its ability to attract huge investments, there is a paramount need to deep dive into exploring full potential of crypto market.

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The conference has two major themes:

Potential & Caution

The talks and the sessions will fine tune our understandings of ICOs, what to avoid, what to look for before investing, who are the people behind it, what can we learn from most successful ICOs and other terms, definitions and key points we must understand to position ourselves to leverage it.

Intelligence & Profits

Crypto-trading, as emerged, is an area witnessing enormous activities, investments and profits. However, like any other trading, it calls for deep understanding before you venture into it. The conference sessions and the leading experts from the crypto space will put a spotlight on what needs to be understood and how you can make profits in future.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Block-Hedge 2018?

Positioning and Preparing for a Blockchained Globe.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Block Hedge is dealing and engaging the entire value chain and ecosystem to develop and churn out the solutions and new ideas from the rapidly evolving digital currency and blockchain world.

ICO World

Understand how tokens are issued, what are the regulatory frameworks, is your investment safe and how to get ROI and learn how to identify the bad apples and be diligent. Meet some of the most vetted ICOs at the event.

Crypto Exchange Dynamics

Whether new or seasoned player in the industry, the top of the line experts will take you through the journey of immense details and practical insights of crypto currency exchanges, dynamics involved and lessons to be learnt.

Health (financial), Safety & Environment

Digital currencies are marred with challenges like hacks, cyber-attacks, speculations, cheats and environmental impacts. The experts, practitioners and leading thinkers will help you understand the pitfalls and apply smart practices to succeed in the digital world of today and foreseeable future.

Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Roundtables & Exhibitions

Block Hedge will give you a packed full day of exciting keynotes, interactive panel discussions, intimate roundtables and access to booths of leading organizations shaping the crypto sphere.

Technology & Services Show

Block Hedge, closely working with its industry partners, is the go to place for latest updates, announcements, forming partnerships, learning new developments and launching new product and services.

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