Block Hedge 2nd Annual

Bangkok, Thailand

March 29th, 2019


Seize The Noteworthy Opportunity To Witness The Best Blockchain Conference Series in 2019

The reality that the blockchain and cryptocurrency led wave is here to stay is something that can instantly gather a consensus among all the relevant stakeholders.

The more important aspect of this reality that needs to be carefully delved into is what exactly does the technology hold for the future. Beyond understanding the meaning and scope of terms such as – blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, it’s pertinent to learn how they can be effectively channelized to fuel meaningful prospects for businesses, governance and professionals.

Block-Hedge is all about unleashing this practical flavor of the disruptive blockchain technology. It’s about gaining knowledge that matters and getting answers to pressing practical questions on its applications.

At each of the chapters of Block-Hedge, you can expect to interact with key influencers, enjoy face-to-face discussions with blockchain entrepreneurs and leverage the chance to showcase your unique proposition amidst a plush crowd.

This series of events is definitely going to be so much more than any regular blockchain or bitcoin conference in 2019 you might consider to attend.

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The Theme For The Mega Events In Block-Hedge 2019

In order to ensure that Block-Hedge is an experience unlike any other blockchain conference in 2019, there’s been special care on the part of us organizers to base the entire spectrum of events on a meaningful theme. The theme for this year can be decomposed into two broad facets -

Revealing the practical scoop behind the applicability of blockchain

At Block-Hedge 2019, you can expect genuine and accurate knowledge to deepen your practical understanding of blockchain applications. Covering a wide array of the relevance of blockchain in meting out meaningful outcomes, expect being privy to knowledge that’s bound to help you grow in the field.

Unfolding the optimal way to make money with crypto currencies

Earning well via investing in ICO’s or by means of other investments in the crypto space presupposes a few important factors. These include assessing the team behind the currency before investing, having a refined understanding of the key pointers that catalyze profit, and avoiding the most commonly made mistakes. You can expect tips and suggestions that are a cut beyond the redundant information.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Block-Hedge 2019?

It’s our guiding mission to ensure that there’s a strong, tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants.

Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast, we have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway for you. Here’s why you must not miss out -

Comprehensive Understanding Of The Ecosystem

Blockchain is so much more than just cryptocurrency. Expect to gain insights on the entire value chain and the ecosystem that unfolds the thriving technology for tomorrow.

Uncover Practical Insights

At Block-Hedge, you’ll be privy to access of practical knowledge beyond redundant information like blockchain explained. It’s our promise that you’ll be served with first hand access to the real scoop about blockchain technology, smart contracts, Bitcoins and everything else that matters.

Decode The ICO World

The realities of crypto investing and the ICO world are much beyond understanding the bitcoin. You can expect to be well updated on insightful information pertaining to regulatory frameworks, safe investment options, and tested tricks to gain the most from the budding development.

Mitigate Yourself Against Risks

Success in bitcoin investments presupposes a deep understanding of the practical underlying nuances, in order to mitigate risks and maximize returns. You can expect practical insights covering critical concerns and pitfalls such as protecting your bitcoin wallet, being safe from cyber attacks, environmental impacts and so on.

Stay Ahead In The Race

You’re sure to have a fulfilling time by engaging in our keynotes, panel discussions. You can gain primary access and stay upbeat with all the latest developments, products and services in cryptocurrency, bitcoins and all other major applications of the blockchain.

Get Noticed At The Right Platform

Amidst our prolific and esteemed audience from the blockchain and crypto space, you get the opportunity to engage in meaningful networking, slate out partnership opportunities, and learn about all that is new & disruptive for the future.

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