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Block Hedge North America
7th Edition
Conference Agenda

All BlockHedge Conference content will be divided into 2 stages.

First stage will feature all major sensations like: project announcements and product releases, ICOs, panel discussions and a startup competition.

Second stage is wholly dedicated to discussing Blockchain solutions from different industries (fundraising, retail, healthcare, gaming, transporatation etc.) discussed during 45 minute fireside chats.

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Morning Sessions

  • 8:30 Welcome
  • 9:00 Digital Currencies and disruption in the economy
  • 9:30 Implementations & Regulations: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies: Canada

    With digital currencies high on the G20 agenda, the cryptocurrencies have turned out to be a “not to be ignored phenomena”. Different regions are moving towards their own set of regulations. Thailand and South Asia region, in particular has seen the most dynamism vis-a-vis digital currencies.

  • 10:15 Trading and/or Investment: Cryptocurrencies – Panel Discussion

    The most admissible questions with respect to crypto trading and investment, the nuances involved, where the industry is heading and how can we ride the wave.

  • 11:00 Coffee with Peers
  • 11:15 Crypto Exchanges: The Future Exchanges and Trading – Panel Discussion

    Crypto Exchanges, their functioning, regulations, current state and potential future corrections are of utmost interest to blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. Liquidity challenges, Centralized nature in the decentralized industry and thus potential of being hacked and the challenges of clearances and settlement are the biggest roadblocks to overcome and evolve future exchanges.

  • 12:00 ICOs: Regulations, Profits and Caution – Panel Discussion

    Initial Coin Offerings has attracted and is attracting loads of investment. Massive profits through ICOs have been reaped. However, the ICO space has been infested with bad apples. Regulatory changes and shoddy ICOs are rapidly changing the behavior and overall landscape.

Evening Sessions

  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 13:30 Understanding Crypto mining economics, operations and ROIs – A Practical Insight

    Energy Consumption, Computer Power, Global Warming and other key terms and factors associated with Crypto mining have already placed mining in a debatable category. How mining economics work and what are foreseeable challenges and how can they be managed?

  • 14:30 Cyber Security, Hacks and Digital Security Robustness vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies have brought with them a plethora of controversies including hacks, cyber threats and malware attacks across the cryptocurrency ecosystem including wallets and exchanges. How safe or digitally educated we have to be?

  • 15:00 Networking Tea Break
  • 15:30 Roundtables

    A. Launching an ICO
    B. Understanding Crypto Exchange Dynamics
    C. Role of Digital Marketing in making an ICO a success.

  • 16:00 Close of Conference
  • 17:00 Drinks Reception & Exclusive Networking
  • 19:00 Dinner Reception (By Invitation Only)

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