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Block Hedge
2ndAnnual Edition
Conference Agenda

All BlockHedge Conference content will be divided into 2 sessions.

At Block Hedge 2019, you will listen to all the trending topics of today’s Blockchain world: Blockchain use cases, investment opportunities, ever-changing policy and regulations, government’s stand and much more.

Our upcoming 2nd Annual Edition of Block Hedge conference will have well blended forward-looking agenda which comprises Blockchain, Fintech, and Crypto. Join us and stand out of the crowd while listening most valuable elements of the conference- Keynotes sessions from the Blockchain pioneers, Panel discussions from Policymakers and Investors, Fireside chat. What’s more? There will also be an exclusive networking opportunity for the early ticket holders.

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Morning Sessions

  • 8:00 Registrations
  • 8:45 Welcome Note
  • 9:00 Leap In The Blockchain Development: What Will Be In Demand On The Decentralized Market In 2019? –Keynote Address.

    2017 had the most robust blockchain market ever seen. And 2018 was also impressive. Where is the decentralized market heading to? What are new developments happening in this sphere? What has been the demand? Many more things will be revealed from the session.

  • 9:30 Business Regulations Through SEC Thailand: What Is Done In 2018 And What To Except Next?
  • 10:15 Learning And Unlearning: What It Takes To Adopt Blockchain?

    As blockchain becomes mainstream, the public often develops incorrect ideas about it – much is understated as well as overstated. In this panel, the experts will cover the biggest misapprehensions about the blockchain, as well as the most behaviors that push us there in the very first place. How can we change our mind to stay away from those holes? Attendees are encouraged to join the discussion about how we can shoot these ideas into action.

  • 11:00 Coffee with Peers
  • 11:15 STO: Is The Next Big Thing In The Crypto Market? – Panel Discussion

    While regulators gunning for ICOs, blockchain start-ups are looking at new ways of raising money. Security tokens and SAFT agreements have begun to grow in popularity and are starting to gain momentum globally. Learn how tokenized securities will transform capital markets and how institutions can lead in this new digital asset’s paradigm.

  • 12.00 Regulatory Sandboxes Across the APAC: Current State and Future Tendencies – Panel Discussion

    With forward looking regulatory sandboxes, APAC is poised to become a hotbed for Blockchain innovation. As Japan and South Korea regulated cryptocurrency environments, while others are following, Financial services firms should capitalize this growing support from central authorities for blockchain and work with them closely to shape the future of blockchain in their industry.

  • 12:45 Lunch

Evening Sessions

  • 13:45 Future potential for Blockchain companies - opportunities and risks: What to look for – Panel Discussion

    Blockchain technology is the center of attention in current news headlines. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business, boards must also consider some of the associated challenges with the adoption of the technology such as regulation and significant investment. Learn about the opportunities and the challenges and how we can mitigate these challenges going forward.

  • 14:30 ICO in 2019: Done and Dusted or Here to stay? – Panel Discussion

    Money raised through ICO in 2017 was doubled during the second quarter of 2018. Prominent players are predicting this amount of capital could be tripled in the coming year. Learn what it means to your start-ups and how you can launch an ICO successfully while complying to ever-changing regulations.

  • 15:00 Networking Tea Break
  • 15:30 Panel Discussion: The Rise of Fintech Opportunities and Challenges

    The key drivers of the growth of Fintech and its role in the redefining the financial services industry. The latest trends in Fintech investment in global and regional markets. Strategic challenges and opportunities for incumbent financial institutions.

  • 16:00 Blockchain – An Opportunity For Energy Producers And Consumers?

    Blockchain in the energy sector has been making headlines these days. Let ask the leaders in the space how things are progressing on the grounds, and reflect on customer adoption, business models and scaling-up efforts.

  • 16:30 How is Blockchain disrupting supply chain management: Closing Keynote Address.

    Blockchain is said to be the game changer for supply chain system. Along with IoT and AI, it brings us steps closer to the vision of a fully connected and self-organized supply chain. Learn how thought incorporation of Blockchain Technology into supply chain management can have a huge operational impact on transparency, identity & trust data interchange and consolidation, contracting, payments, compliance-ultimately resulting in cost-saving, and efficient and risk-reducing demand chain.

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